Summer 2018

Summer 2018


This summer has started with a nice long sunny period and it has been a lot of fun 😉

Our annual competition “Spring Madness 18” was very successful and our team would like to thank all the people involved: participants, judges, volunteers and fans. Results can be found here: Spring Madness

There will be some minor changes in the schedule during the summer months.Starting from this week (11th Jun), we have some changes in the schedule.

Mobility classes will have a summer leave, we will have a Weightlifting class instead ;)You can see from Mindbody, that now we will have 4 weightlifting classes per week:

Tuesdays: 1800-1900 ADVANCED WL
1900-2000 WL for everybody
Thursdays: 1800-1915 ADVANCED WL
Sundays: 1600-1700 WL for everybody.

ADVANCED=The ones that have been at Rasmus Zarubin´s classes for longer and take WL more seriously
WL for everybody- all the occasional comers and goers plus those who are just starting to become friends with the bar.

If you are not sure, which class to choose, then ask – the idea is to make the quality of both classes better by grouping people with the same level to the same classes.

Priit is starting again with the Family Time classes on Saturdays at 1000- bring all your kids aged 3-6 to the class 😉

During the whole summer we have classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1500hrs meant for kids aged 9-15. It is named “RAM tennis”, but all kids are welcome.

Don´t forget to book your place in different classes through Mindbody and let´s all have a great summer!